I'm King Okanlawon David

The Chief Mentor Of Lagos

Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker, Investor, Wealth Creation Coach, Africa’s Leading Real Estate Business and Investment Mentor

king okanlawon david
Helping Africans Build Generational Wealth Through Real Estate and Business Education, Brokerage, Development, Finance and Investments

 I have a deep desire to help people in Africa achieve financial freedom and help develop Africa to become the greatest continent on earth filled wealth, prosperity, peace and abundance. my mission is to help over 200 million people accross africa achieve financial freedom through powerful education, business and highly profitable and secured investment strategies.

I believe and know that with the right approach and strategy, anybody and everybody can be rich and wealthy

Ways I can Help You

Learn the secrets, mysteries and financial strategies that Multi-billioniares are using to build great wealth and skyrocket their businesses

Financial Advise

Learn the secrets to making, earning, growing and multipling money and converting it into passive income


be guided on what to do, how to do, when to do, who to do and where to do. learn from those that have gone ahead of you


Get expert advise with practical result on how to grow and scale your business with your existing resources

Helping People Achieve Financial Freedom

Embrace wealth, Embrace Freedom!!!

What Some of My Clients and Mentees are Saying

listen to what some of my amazing mentees and clients are saying

testimony - christana adekunle

king has really made a great impact in my life and business and thanks to him our business has grown over 600% within the last 6months,  he is truly an amazing person

Christana Adekunle
emeka paul

someone introduced me to king and told me about some of the projects he is currently building, at first i was hesitant in investment – but thank god i did, i have been getting my investment from that project for the past 2years now – i highly reccomend him to anyone that would like grow thier income and wealth – he is a man of INTEGRITY

Emeka Paul

King is truly the chief mentor of lagos, from his amazing courses on financial freedom and how to build wealth through real estate has really opened my life to the realities of life – infact you are great blessing to me and the world in general, thank you so much for all you do.

stephen emmanuel

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